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Although media coverage of overseas adoptions may make the headlines or the evening news, most adoptions are simple and straightforward stepparent adoptions. When families merge, a stepparent who is raising a child as his or her own will often seek to make the relationship official. If the biological parent cannot be found or does not object, a stepparent adoption is a common legal option.

The Law Offices of Janice L. Berman is a general practice law firm that focuses on family law matters, such as simple uncontested adoption and stepparent adoptions.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

A stepparent, grandparent or other uncontested adoption is a form-driven process. There are a number of requirements that must be met regarding a potential adoptive parent’s background. The process is time-consuming, and a paperwork error or other mistake can jeopardize your parental rights and cause problems later on.

At Law Offices of Janice L. Berman, we have been helping our clients with stepparent or grandparent adoptions for more than 20 years. At our law firm, we will provide you with:

  • A smooth adoption process
  • Error-free documents
  • All questions answered thoroughly and promptly
  • Personal attention and service for all of your family law needs
  • A comfortable atmosphere where your opinions are welcome
  • An affordable solution for your adoption and other family law needs

Respect And Honest Advice

Located in Niles, Illinois, our law firm can provide you with honest evaluations about your situation and the realistic chances you have to achieve your goals. We’ll also provide you with the accessibility and responsiveness you need from a lawyer.

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