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The Law Offices of Janice L. Berman is a general practice law firm focusing on family law. One of the areas of law in which our family law clients return to us for help is estate planning. Often, there are estate planning issues that must be considered during divorce and division of property. Our Niles law firm also represents new clients with estate planning needs.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. — Proverb

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If we do not engage in estate planning, our wishes may not be honored when we pass away and may, in fact, be violated. If you do not want heroic lifesaving measures, it needs to be in writing. If you don’t want a chemically addicted adult child of yours to inherit wealth, it needs to be in writing. If you trust your cousin to act as your trustee, but not your parent, it needs to be in writing.

That’s what we do.

Please contact our law firm for any of the estate planning matters shown below.

  • Simple will: A document that provides for the distribution of your assets and does not include itemized gifts to specific individuals. This typically leaves everything to a spouse or the adult children.
  • Will: A legal document stating your wishes concerning the disposal of your property after death. This may leave specific property to specific people.
  • Living will: Also called a healthcare directive, it states what end-of-life measures are or are not acceptable to you.
  • Revocable trust: A device holds funds or assets (managed by a trustee) with an expiration date or termination condition, such as an adult child turning age 30 or graduating from college.
  • Power of attorney: A legal document that gives one person the right to act legally on behalf of another person.
  • Probate administration: Acting as an executor (probate administrator) to distribute the funds and property listed in a will to the appropriate people.

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Located in Niles, Illinois, our law firm can provide you with honest evaluations about your situation and the realistic chances you have to achieve your goals. We’ll also provide you with the accessibility and responsiveness you need from a lawyer.

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