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There are several situations in which a mother or father will want to establish paternity for a child or children. It is a common misconception that the name on a birth certificate is enough to prove that someone is the father. This is not correct.

A birth certificate is not enough to determine parentage of the father. Only a DNA paternity test can determine parentage. Once parentage is established, rights of visitation/custody can be addressed.

At the Niles Law Offices of Janice L. Berman, we help either mothers or fathers who are seeking to either prove or disprove paternity.

We offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce as well as uncontested paternity cases. When couples agree, this can be a quick and cost-effective option. Often a paternity determination is uncontested as well. Contact our law firm to discuss your options.

Proving / Disproving Paternity In Illinois

Unless and until a biological father gives up his rights legally, the biological father is the only father with parental rights. At our law firm, we represent an equal number of mothers and fathers who are seeking to either prove or disprove paternity. If you have any paternity issue, such as those below, please contact our law firm to protect your rights.

  • Mother seeking to determine paternity so that she may obtain child support
  • Mother seeking to determine true income for child support amount
  • Mother seeking to keep physical custody of a child or children
  • Father seeking visitation to a child he believes is his
  • Father seeking to prove he does not owe child support
  • Father seeking paternity during divorce proceedings to determine child custody

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