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Each state has its own rules and case law regarding spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony). In Illinois, the court has discretion in the award of any spousal maintenance or other support and seeks to be fair and just.

At the Niles Law Offices of Janice L. Berman, we help our clients arrive at a spousal maintenance agreement. We will work to obtain an amount to which the court will agree, and will act as our clients advocate to make certain that he or she is not taken advantage of by the former spouse.

Spousal maintenance is not a woman’s award following a divorce. Either party may be granted alimony on either a temporary or permanent basis.

How Much Will You Pay / Receive? It Depends

Unlike child support, spousal support does not follow a predetermined formula. Spousal support is awarded at the court’s discretion and can be either:

  • Temporary spousal support — typically lasting during the divorce process
  • Rehabilitative spousal support — lasting for a period of time, which allows the dependent spouse to re-train or re-educate for employment
  • Permanent spousal support — lasting until retirement or remarriage

There are a number of factors that the court will consider when determining a spousal support amount and time period.

  • Each spouse’s income and earning ability
  • Each spouse’s expenses
  • Any obstacles to earning an income, including lack of education
  • The length of the marriage and standard of living during the marriage
  • Each spouse’s age and physical condition, including disabilities
  • Potential tax consequences of the division of property
  • Time that may be necessary for re-training or education

Keep in mind that we offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce. When couples agree, this can be a quick and cost-effective option. This includes help with spousal support determinations.

Respect And Honest Advice

As your law firm of choice, we’ll provide you with honest evaluations about your situation and the realistic chances you have to achieve your goals. We’ll also provide you with the accessibility and responsiveness you need from a lawyer.

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